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A study aimed at temperature, visibility, toxicity and radiation, aiming to protect people and heritage. In each Brazilian state there is a specific legislation composed of Laws, Technical Standards, and Resolutions of the Fire Department, which guides the preparation of fire prevention and protection projects. In this article we will look at the rules of the state of Rio de Janeiro.

Keywords: Fire, Temperature, Visibility, Tenability.

1. Introduction

According to Marcio Ferreira [1] the study on human behavior in fire situations, emerged in the early 1900s, and expanded in the 1980s and 1990s. The development of this article brings as a theme the condition that makes it unbearable for the body human through some situations. It is not able to withstand great variations in its internal temperature, just 5 degrees above normal being reached the proteins of the human body start to cook and the whole organism goes into a panic. It is not about how long it will burn, but about saving lives and heritage. Tenability has four references that are most used, through these situations the body at a certain level of exposure becomes unbearable and can even reach death. In Brazil, the Fire and Panic Safety Code (COSCIP) [2] is divided by states, unlike other countries. Each state has a team to create standards and to educate the population. For 20 years, experts have pointed out that it should be a national code and not divided by states, hindering many updates and ways to prevent it.

2. Acknowledgments

I thank the Eternal for allowing me to complete another stage and for the wisdom he had given me. I am grateful to my advisor Túlio Melo for correcting my article. I also thank Master Marcio Ferreira for guiding me and helping me, even at a distance, to develop this article that has such a relevant and differentiated theme for our country.

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