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André Felipe Costa Mendes *

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Since the beginning, the man has been trying to understand and control fire, but controlling it has not been an easy task. Everywhere the fire must be avoided, but this care is increased in industrial areas, because in addition to being able to affect the integrity of employees, they can also cause structural damage, whether in warehouses or equipment. Industries that work with excavation and displacement of materials need robust off-road equipment; these have large dimensions. This equipment works by production, such as, for example, Caterpillar off-road trucks that transport iron ore, these have a capacity to transport up to 420 tons per trip and this reflected in values ​​is around R$ 177 thousand is stopping this equipment due to fire causes huge losses for large companies. Thus, it’s necessary to adopt a fire analysis to understand the main points that can promote fires and their spread and to use fire protection systems to establish effective fire protection measures for off-road equipment is fundamental, as they reduce damage, downtime and price reduction with insurance.

Keywords: Fire; Fire Analysis; Fire Protection; Harm Reduction.


First, I thank God who gave me life and the opportunity to reach another step, giving me strength and support. I thank my parents André and Kátia, who always gave me the strength and courage to face any challenge. I thank my wife Jenneffer, for all the care and encouragement. I am grateful to my brothers and all who helped me directly and indirectly on this path.

I also thank my advisor for this article, Márcio Ferreira, who has been one of those responsible for the intellectual growth of the fire area today in Brazil.

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